Fewer crowds in second Spring Break weekend

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - If you were on Highway 90 Sunday, you may have noticed less traffic and fewer crowds on the beach. That's because the final weekend of Spring Break wrapped up Sunday. We talked to businesses and law enforcement to find out how it all went.

"Last weekend was even better. It was a bigger crowd last weekend wasn't anticipating a big crowd on the second weekend of Spring Break," said George Bush the Owner of Club Illusions II.

Not everyone saw a dip in the Spring Break crowds. Gas station clerk Denise Sullivan says both weekends of Spring Break were busy.

"Just crowds of people, I had lines from here all the way to the back of the building pretty much all day Friday and Saturday," said Sullivan.

As for law enforcement, Biloxi police officials say they made adjustments for this weekend.

"Well we had a smaller contingent out this week, than we had last week. Several officers were on standby if needed. They watched for traffic and crowd issues," said Biloxi Police Major Jim Adamo.

Major Adamo says officers were well prepared for the crowds, but the biggest issue police dealt with was parking due to a limited amount of spaces on the beach for Spring Breakers.

"They've been awesome. You know every time we have large crowds in Biloxi and I don't care what the event is when we make contact with the citizens they are compliant," said Major Adamo.

While law enforcement was prepared, Bush thinks more preparation and organization could have been made for the two Spring Break weekends to avoid confusion.

"There was some confusion because people were unaware whether it would be the week of the eleventh through the thirteenth or the seventeenth through the nineteenth they just didn't know," said Bush.

"Just certain events I feel like it should have been just more in-depth they should have had more things covered before they came and like they had last weekend turn around and had it this weekend," said Spring Breaker Leslie McBride.

Bush hopes promoters for next Spring Break will work together to help make next year's event more organized for spring breakers and more profitable for coast businesses.

Biloxi police say they offer the same amount of law enforcement over the two Spring Break weekends that they would for Scrapin' the Coast, Cruisin' the Coast and any other large event.

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