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Employees say thieves were experienced in Tyler dealership burglary

Some Easter thieves have left twenty cars sitting on blocks at an East Texas dealership. Tyler Police said sometime overnight thieves stole the rims and wheels off of 20 cars at Wagner Cadillac on South Broadway. Employees at the dealership said they believe the crooks had a lot of experience.

“Mind blowing. I can’t even imagine,” Laura Parsons, the office manager at Wagner Cadillac said.

Her co-worker, Aaron Smith, was just as surprised, “this is surreal. I thought it was a joke or a prank.”

But it isn’t April Fool’s Day. No, this Easter Sunday employees at Wagner Cadillac are on the hunt for 80 stolen wheels and tires.

“Of all days. Happy Easter. No. That’s not what it’s about,” Parsons said.

“What is this, 20 plus cars? You never see that ever,” Smith exclaimed.

Cars across the lot were left on wooden blocks.

“This is an all out heist. I mean they came in. They knew exactly where they were going, what they were doing, they had the keys to unlock certain wheels. This is something that takes a lot of planning and it would take a whole team of people,” Smith, who has worked in the auto industry for more than a decade, explained.

Tyler police said a job like this likely took multiple, experienced, people and a large trailer or something big enough to fit all 80 of those wheels and rims inside.

“This is something that you would see in movies,” Smith said. “You know, you’re looking at somewhere probably around 75 to 100,000 dollars of losses to this dealership.”

Even the lights had been cut in parts of the lot and the fence ripped open. All items Parsons said can be replaced, but something else cannot.

“Trust. When you break that trust it’s hard to get that. And that’s the hard part, I think,” she said.

She said the owner of the dealership posted on Facebook earlier Sunday with a picture of all of the damage.

“His post said, if you had just asked me I would have gladly given you anything you wanted to keep you from having to be a thief or go to jail,” she said that’s because that’s just the kind of person he is, Easter or not.

Police said a similar incident took place eight days ago in Richardson where more than 100 Chevy trucks were stripped of their wheels and rims. Officials say at this time they have not established a connection between the two burglaries. If you have any information you are asked to call Tyler Police.

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