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Moss Point man carries a large cross to commemorate Good Friday


Good Friday is the day when Christians commemorate the death of Jesus on a cross.

And for the third straight year, Nathan Preyear demonstrated his faith by carrying a large wooden cross from Kreole Elementary School in Moss Point to Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church.

"And I thank y'all for showing up this morning, under the weather conditions man," he said, welcoming the small group of walkers, "I mean, Jesus didn't stop because of the rain."

"We come this morning Father, hoping that someone would see, this brother carrying the cross," deacon William Cooley prayed before the walk began.

Preyear made his Good Friday pilgrimage with about 20 fellow believers, including some youngsters wearing shepherd's robes.

"One day when I was lost, He died upon that cross!" he sang, as the light but steady rainfall came down.

Despite the scattered showers, the faithful followers focused on spreading the Light of Christ on this dreary day.

"I'm gonna let it shine! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine," the children sang.

"My spirit is high this morning.  I just feel so good!" said Preyear, not at all depressed by the rainy skies.

"Y'all got to stay in back.  You can't pass the cross!" he joked with the shepherd boys, who tried to run in front of their leader.

Preyear says the reason for his public demonstration of faith is simple:  It's the least he can do, for someone who died for him.

"This is the day that Jesus laid down His life. For somebody like me.  Like me!"

"Good Friday.  I can't give him what he done for me.  But I can demonstrate and show Him, I appreciate it," said Preyear.

"Sometimes we struggle. And fight and argue and punish ourselves. But Jesus has forgiven us for all our sins. So we're clean, by his blood that was shed," said the man with the cross.

Preyear says helping the youngsters establish a foundation of faith will pay dividends as they occasionally stumble or struggle with the challenges of life itself.

"We don't take the time out to love and share with one another," he lamented.

"They marched Him to the cross, they nailed Him to the cross.  He died for all of us. You, me," he said.

"Good Friday means so much to me. So many things to me. But the number one thing is Christ Jesus."

They finally arrived at "the rock."  Little Rock Missionary Baptist.

"I'd like to thank each one of you once again.  And I just bless you on this day.  I bless your name. I bless Christ Jesus cause he died this day for us, right here," said the man who carried a cross.

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