New Pictures Added To Vietnam Veterans Memorial

It's a memorial honoring Mississippi's Vietnam Veterans and now it has more than a dozen new faces on it. The pictures of 19 servicemen who lost their lives in the Vietnam War were mounted at the memorial Friday.

It's another mission accomplished for the state's Vietnam veterans who refuse to let the memory of their fallen comrades be wiped away.

"Over the last two years, we've been saving our money up and soliciting people for the pictures for the memorial," said Mike Teeter, Vice President of the Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee.

But there are still more pictures to be located.

"And the problem is a lot of the families are dying off as fast as the veterans are dying off. We went to the web and searched the web through various other organizations and found pictures," Teeter said.

The Mississippi Veterans Memorial Committee has been collecting these pictures for 14 years. There are now 575 pictures on the wall, but there are still 92 more that need to be collected. Doing this is going to take time and money.

"It takes a lot of money for these picture," Teeter said. "Each picture, if we buy them in groups of ten are $200 apiece. If we buy under ten, it's $300 apiece."

But Teter and fellow veterans say it's well worth the cost to put a face to every Mississippian who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Some of the memorial plaques were also refurbished Friday.

If you'd like to make a donation, call 831-9886.