Businesses Ready For Shipyard's New Work Week

Scranton's Restaurant owner Richard Chenoweth has been paying close attention to the news, waiting to find out if Northrop Grumman will go to a four day work week.

Chenoweth says any changes at the shipyard, mean changes for the Pascagoula economy.

"A lot of those trades people live out of town. They live out of town and they commute here. If they aren't commuting here on that Friday, that money's not coming in here," Chenow

Next Friday will be the last Friday ship builders will report to work. Beginning November 15th, it's longer hours, Monday through Thursday. That means business owners like Chenoweth will have the make changes to accommodate.

"Some people might have to adjust their hours. Some people might have to adjust how they are staffed," Chenow

Merchants and Marine Bank in Pascagoula is one of the businesses that may have to adjust.

"On Friday afternoons, it's not uncommon for us to be 8 and 10 deep in four teller lines from 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock. The majority of them are Northrop Grumman," M & M Bank's executive vice president Paul Thomp

Thompson says staying open later on Thursday is one option.

"It could be our hours. It could be drive up hours. It could be ATM locations. There are a number of things we'll need to look at to see what kinds of adjustments will have to be made," Thomp

It may take a while to know the impact of the 4/10 work week outside the shipyard. Both Thompson and Chenoweth say they are prepared to do whatever to takes to make sure changes at Pascagoula's biggest business don't take a bite out of theirs.