Downtown Delights - Jeff Davis Avenue, Long Beach

Ann Bethea is the owner of Downtown Delights in Long Beach. She opened her restaurant this past summer. After 25 years government work, Bethea decided to persue a dream.

"This is something that I've just always wanted to do, and my youngest daughter has been ill. And she needed something to do, and she always wanted to open a tea house," says Bethea.

Now she throws bridal showers and luncheons, rehersal dinners and even children's birthday parties.

"We have tons of costumes for and hats, lots of hats for them to have tea parties," Bethea says.

Grown-ups enjoy the tea parties as well. High tea is served each aftenoon.

Bethea says, "We kind of took that from the English, but they can come in and we usually do scones for them and finger sandwiches, and then we also do a tray of desserts. So you get three different things and any flavor of hot tea that they want, or they can also have cold tea."

Bethea has no fried food on her menu.

"We bake our own bread here, so it's fresh everyday.  It's fresh, very fresh, and we don't have anything fried on our menu. We do offer potato chips, but that's about the most fattening thing. I think it's healthy. I know my own cholestral has dropped eating here.  Our best seller is usually the chicken crossiont I would say, the chicken salad crossiont. I think smothered chicken would be the second favorite."

Now, the dessert are a different story. They are dangerously tasty, so beware...

"All of our gourmet cakes which we offer by the slice or whole are done from scratch. My favorite dessert...I think it would be the carrot cake," says Bethea.

Bethea loves the design element of baking and creating edible masterpieces.

"We like designing things to fit the people," Bethea says.

Bethea loves the little pink house on Jeff Davis Avenue.

"It just feels warm and cozy and home like. Everyone that comes in just comments on very nice they feel here. We've been blessed with a lot of good business," Bethea says.

For more information on Downtown Delights call the restaurant at 228.871.7161.