Police prepare for another spring break weekend

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Barricades and yellow caution tape remain up throughout Gulfport and Biloxi in preparation for another Spring Break weekend. This weekend is a little different though because no one knows how many spring breakers will show up and where the events will be held.

"It does make it a lot tougher," Biloxi Police Chief John Miller said. "First on manpower because these guys, most of them worked last week. They need a weekend off. And overtime wise, this Friday is Good Friday, that's going to bite into our overtime budget considerably."

Last weekend, Miller was able to rearrange schedules to cut back on paying overtime. But this weekend will be much tougher on the budget.

"We are just kind of at the mercy of who decides to come," Miller said. "We will have a bunch of folks on call waiting to come in. They can come in within 20 to 30 minutes, and then we will have a pretty good size group here that will break into teams and handle anything that pops up. If it appears we are not going to have anything, we begin immediately sending them home."

There will be a command post set up and a traffic control plan ready to go if needed. With few problems last weekend, the chief is optimistic this weekend will be the same.

"We just hope they will be on their best behavior," Miller said. "Don't do anything mom and dad wouldn't approve of, that's a good way to judge it most of the time. And certainly don't be consuming alcoholic beverages and driving."

As far as Lil Boosie, WLOX News has learned the rapper will not be performing a concert this weekend on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. But the organizers working with the entertainer hope to still bring him to the coast in the near future.

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