U.S.S. Shoup Latest Destroyer To Leave Ingalls

With the traditional breaking of champagne bottles, the Aegis Destroyer, Shoup was Christened. /Ingalls 16:44

"It's a tremendous, exciting day," David Wright said. "We have always had a great partnership with the U.S. Navy. And it's always gratifying to see the outstanding sponsors that the Secretary of the Navy picks to become lifetime caregivers of these ships."

One of those sponsors is Lt. Col. Catherine Chase. The ship was named after her grandfather, Gen. David Shoup, for his heroic efforts in the Marine Corps and in World War II.

"This is exactly the type of ship that he would like to have named after him," Lt. Col. Chase said.  "He spent a lot of time on ships when he was in the Marine Corp, and the fact that he's got a combatant destroyer named after him, I think it's just perfect. I think it's just absolutely perfect."

"He was an outstanding Marine and goes down in history as one of the Marines who helped change the course of the Marine Corps," Wright said.

The U.S.S. Shoup echoes General Shoup's fearlessness. The ship is designed to handle air defense, submarine warefare, and shore bombarding. Ingalls employees work hard to build a destroyer of this magnitude.

"We have tremendous amounts of material that have to brought in on time and delivered to ship yard," Wright said.  "It takes tremendous skill of all areas of electronics and electrial. Painting, instilation, various different crafts we have in the ship yard, all to be coordinated at one time, arriving at the completion of the ship on shcedule and on budget."

And according to schedule, the  U.S.S. Shoup will go through trials in December, and prepare to leave Ingalls in early 2002.