Generous church gift will help feed the hungry

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Hot food is almost ready to serve at Loaves and Fishes in Biloxi. That will go nicely with a crisp, cool salad.  Much of the food is now prepared using kitchen equipment, donated by Cedar Lake Christian Assembly. There are hundreds of dollars worth of pots, pans, and utensils.

The fundraiser was appropriately called Feed the Flock.  Terry Fountain with Cedar Lake Christian Assembly headed up the drive.

"Our women's ministry theme this year is, 'Are you hungry for more of God?' And it just seemed to fit. We wanted to reach out to our community and do something for others and it was a good fit," Fountain explained.

How good a fit was it? Just ask Loaves and Fishes Director Joe Gautier.

"We just couldn't do it without it. We have gone from a little over 5,000 people a month to 8,000 people a month. And those are huge pans and stuff that we absolutely need in order to be able to prepare the meals for the people who are coming in here," Gautier said.

Even though a gift of supplies from Cedar Lake Christian Assembly is most appreciated at Loaves and Fishes, something else is appreciated even more: the gift of time from volunteers.

One of them is Ronnie Moody Jr., giving up part of his spring break.

"I wanted to help cook and help the homeless people and give them something to eat because they don't have anything, so I want to come here and help," Moody said.

Another is Kayla Romeo, visiting from a church in Connecticut.  "Everybody who comes down here says it's a great experience and they learn so many things and it just teaches them how to accept the value of life and how great we all have it."

And this is just the beginning for Cedar Lake Christian Assembly, according to Fountain. "We've already started spin-off projects to work with these soup kitchens. So it won't necessarily be a big project, but it will be a continuing project."

Cedar Lake Christian Assembly raised more than $8,000 during the fundraiser.  The money for equipment was divided equally between Loaves and Fishes, Feed My Sheep in Gulfport, The Lord is my Help in Ocean Springs, and the Salvation Army in Pascagoula.

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