Man with destroyed RV: "I would live in RV again"

Harold Robins stands in front of what's left of everything he owns.
Harold Robins stands in front of what's left of everything he owns.

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Harold Robins and his girlfriend lost their home Monday night. And to make matters worse they didn't have insurance. Still the traveling pipe fitter says he would live in an RV again because of how convenient they are.

RV technician Tommy Jones believes most of the damaged RVs at Santa Maria RV Park are a loss.

"I have no doubt that these units aren't repairable. It's just the way they are constructed. And then the damage that I saw you couldn't do anything with that," said Reliable RV Center technician Tommy Jones.

Jimmy Bankston with Reliable RV Center says RVs and campers are meant to withstand the elements and if the weather conditions get bad enough the homes on wheels can be moved.

"There are risks with everything, in a boat. You can hit a rough wave and flip over very easily. A car blow out can flip over. Anything can be damaged by the right circumstances," said Bankston.

As Robins tries to pick up what remains of his home he says damage like this is never something you want, but something you should be prepared for.

"It's like a boat you always got to fix something, but it's the nature of the beast.  It's the same with a home," said Robins.

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