Wolfpack Athletics: A new training facility opens in Gulfport

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Donny Moran and Clark Henegan decided to setup a serious place where athletes can train.

The facility has all kinds of weights, an artificial turf for speed training, treadmills, and various programs

for anyone interested in getting in shape.

Moran said,"All the way from seven and up. We've got a lot of bodybuilding competitors, fitness competitors, different types of powerlifters and Olympics lifters as well as football, baseball, basketball, soccer, your typical sports."

Brandon Cooley graduated from Harrison Central High School in 2002 where he played linebacker. He received a scholarship to Mississippi Gulf Coast and played two years at Jackson State.

Cooley is training just to remain in shape.

College recruiting has become so competitive schools are receiving commitments from youngsters. A few months

ago LSU head coach Les Miles received a verbal commitment from an 8th grade quarterback.

Henegan says their training programs are setup for various sports. When it comes to baseball, speed and quickness are essential.

"There's a lot of hand-eye coordination stuff, speed and agility,"stated Henegan. He added,"Things that are going to be functional. You don't want someone too overly muscled up in baseball."

Training is a little different when it comes to football players. Obviously weight training is a key in

building muscle.

Henegan said,"A lot more power moves. We're doing sleds things on this field that are going to be functional on the field."

Pulling a weight sled is one area Wolfpack Athletics is using to improve power and speed. Henegan says

speed can propel a player into a major college ranks.

"One of the things that we're going to specialize in is speed and agility because a tenth or two-tenths of a second in the 40-yard dash can help a guy get a major college scholarship from a junior college scholarship," stated Henegan.

Henegan added Wolfpack Athletics is bringing in the best of the best trainers to prepare athletes in their facility.

He says John Dixon will be coaching MMA fighters in about a week.

The facility is open for men, women and children.

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