Biloxi street closure takes city by surprise

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - With any large scale construction project, inconveniences are bound to pop up here and there. The latest news regarding the MGM baseball stadium construction has some people complaining.

As part of construction, a portion of Caillavet Street is scheduled to be closed starting April 17, and it has taken some people by surprise. The issue was addressed at a City Council meeting on Tuesday.

"Our deal is to take care of the tax payers," said Council Member George Lawrence.

He told Tony Morrow of Yates Construction that the city wants answers. Yates is over the construction of the MGM Ballpark.

"We need to figure out how this problem happened, how we're going to solve it, and how we're going to take care of these businesses on Caillavet Street," said Lawrence.

The city knew the street would be closed eventually, due to work on water and sewage lines. The problem is that the first notification from Yates about the closure came just days before the street is supposed to be closed.

Biloxi's Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said it all comes down to a lapse in communication.

"We think what they could have done differently is get out there earlier," said Creel.

According to Creel, the city is working with Yates to try to fix the situation.

"What the city has made very clear to the contractor is we want there to be a clear line of communication with the people over on Caillavet Street to make sure that they know what's going to happen, when it's going to happen," said Creel.

Thru traffic will be blocked completely, but Yates construction ensures the businesses and residents that their parking lots will be accessible. The portion of Caillavet being closed is from Howard Avenue to Highway 90. Officials say it should be closed from April 17 to May 23.

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