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East Texas duo remembers close call at Boston Marathon

Natalie Bach and Dr. Jay Anderson Natalie Bach and Dr. Jay Anderson

Tuesday was a day of tribute as thousands gathered in Boston to mark the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. 

That day last year also brought a close call for an East Texas duo, who nearly became part of the tragedy that killed three and injured almost 300 others.

In the blink of an eye, one of the most recognizable races in the world turned in chaos. 

"As it all was happening I had just left the area where I would have been, front row and center of where it was happening," says Dr. Jay Anderson.

Anderson, a Marshall resident, had just finished his very first Boston Marathon. His was body filled with emotion and fatigue.

"I remember walking down the street and I heard something pop and there were other people around me and I was watching their faces and people in cars," he said. "No one really responded."

Anderson's running partner Natalie Bach was also running in the marathon.

"I was in the basement going to the restroom," Bach said. "I didn't really hear anything but came up to the top of the restaurant and it was dead silent."

Bach had stopped at a medical tent just short of the finish line. She also avoided a much darker fate.

"We began hearing sirens go by and that was when we kind of realized something was happening and we should probably go away from the action," she said.

Anderson added:"It's just like 9/11. It freezes in time and everyone starts to realize happening."

With three lives taken and hundreds more injured, Bach and Anderson said there's something about Americans that just can't be shaken or deterred. 

"Yea bad stuff happens but it's not going to get the best of us and that definitely was brought out in this race," Anderson said.

Bach agreed:  "You can't stop us. We'll show up every year in bigger, stronger, better numbers."

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