Harrison County 4-H teaches kids good values

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Some school children said they're spending their Spring Break having fun while learning good values. Harrison County 4-H is putting on a day camp. The young people said that 4- H teaches them to be good roles models for other kids.

At the All Things 4-H day camp, even fun activities like painting and tie dying are life lessons. One art project the kids did was called "walk in someone else's shoes."

"Like not fight, behave," said Byron Ladner.

Kids said they love the many opportunities 4-H has to offer, from fencing to archery to robotics. They also enjoy the way 4-H teaches them the importance of having good values.

Tracy Harvey joined 4-H at the age of four.

"They let you know that life is not all about fun and games," said Tracy. "That there's things in the world that you can do and still have fun with it. Like if you're going to have a job, do something that you love."

Many of the teens started out in 4-H as little kids and are now learning to be mentors.

"I love being a leader and showing other kids what to do and how to do it gets them started and helps them so they understand," Dakota Lee said.

"I like little kids looking up to me and following in my footsteps in a positive way. To be respectful towards each other, listen to each other, listen to adults and follow the rules and important things like that," Brittany Hosey said.

The teens said it meant a lot to them when the older kids in 4-H spent time with them when they were younger. Now they can keep that tradition going.

"You can learn little things from little kids. They think outside the box. We're always trying to think a little bit too much," Tracy said.

The day camp was for children ages five to 18.

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