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Experts advise to protect plants during freeze


For those who spent last weekend gardening, experts are advising now's the time to get those plants covered ahead of a coming freeze.

"We had everything set up so perfectly, so beautiful," said Meg Davis of Horizon Landscaping. "People drive by and honk at us. They wave at us, because they just love seeing the beauty. Mother Nature decided to pull a fast one on us on tax day."

A cold breeze blowing down White Bridge Road Tuesday, workers with the West Nashville Kiwanis Plant Sale were singing the soundtrack to Frozen.

"The cold never bothered me anyway," sang Davis. "Yeah. It's in my head constantly."

Their spot once covered in bright oranges, pinks, and reds, only petals were left on the grass as thousands of flowers were stacked out, bagged up and rolled off into tents.

"We're just running back and forth with our carts, getting everything in, getting it safe," said Davis.

Long tables once covered in plants were bare.

With their plants carefully covered from the coming temperatures in the 30s, the workers advised any other gardner to do the same.

"If anybody's bought any annual flowers for the summer, and they're still in their hanging baskets and pots, they need to move them indoors," said Michael Warman of the West Nashville Kiwanis Plant Sale. "Tonight's not going to be a frost, it's going to be a freeze. Anything in the ground needs to be covered in sheets or plastic."

"If you have to use plastic, do it, but if you can, use sheets," added Davis. "That would be better."

As hard as they were working Tuesday, workers said they're bringing it all back outside during a much warmer Wednesday. Then, they'll no longer be singing along to any cold weather-related animated show tunes.

"The cold never bothered me anyway," laughed Davis. "Today, it's bothering me a little bit."

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