Mississippi National Guard Remembers Battle Of Buena Vista

Twelve members of a company from Biloxi and Ocean Springs marched along the boardwalk. They were trying to bring attention to the anniversary of the Battle of the Buena Vista.

It was a two-day battle during the Mexican-American War that took place at this time in 1847. Jefferson Davis left his seat in the United States Senate to serve in that war.

"We'd like to make this an addition to our rich military tradition for our unit and make this an annual event," Corp. Steven Northrop said. "No matter where we are, we're going to have at least some type of token unit show remembrance to that, no matter where we are, home or somewhere else in the world."

Soon, the members of that company will be somewhere else in the world. The battalion is deploying to Bosnia at the end of the summer. The Guardsmen are scheduled to be there for six to nine months.