Proposed Repairs To Course Big Hit With Golfers

Jackson County leaders plan to rebuild the back nine holes of the county's golf course. The project is still in the bidding phase.

According to Parks and Recreations Director Jack Hamilton, the county is considering six different bids at this time and are expected to choose one at Monday's Board of Supervisors meeting. The county redeveloped the front nine at Whispering Pines Golf Course two years ago. This latest improvement is believed to make the course, considered by many to be great, even better.

Doug Dearman has played at the course for years. He hopes the county will have the same success with the back nine as it did with the front.

"It's real great now what they've done on the front nine out here... great improvements," said Dearman. "When they get the back side done it's gonna be wonderful."

Low lying areas on the back nine holes of the course is the biggest reason for the improvements.

"The way the greens and fairways and everything were designed there's no where for the water to run off when it rains and that causes a problem," says Dearman. "We can't play it and that's lost revenue for the county."

It took a little more than a year for the county to complete repairs to the front nine and expect it to take at least that long to complete the reconfiguration of the back nine. Golfers say they don't mind the wait.

"Oh no!" says Dearman. "To get it... to sacrifice what we're gonna have done over here, no, that's no problem at all because in the end everybody's gonna be happy."

"Oh, it'll be an outstanding golf course," said Harold Pique.

"I think it'd be super," said Rodney Applegate. "Old people like me who like to walk... it'd be a lot easier for us."

Since no bids have been excepted the county says it has no estimated cost or time table for the project. However, county officials say the repairs could begin in early 2005.