Pass Christian store brings unique tastes to the coast

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Pass Christian Olive Oils and Vinegars opened its doors back in December and brought quite a new experience to the coast. Since the store opened, customers like Joan Hudson and her husband have become regulars.

"Our first time we were in here for about an hour and a half, and we learned a lot about olive oil. We never knew there was so much to learn about olive oil," said Hudson.

Hudson says for her and her husband, it's more than a shopping trip, but an experience.

"Something that I learned was how olive oil isn't always as pure as what you think it is," said Hudson.

Store Manager, Kyla Jacobs, says she is impressed by how the community has embraced the store and its unique character.

"So far it's been a great response. They really enjoy themselves. We've only been open for a very short period of time and now we have regular customers," said Jacobs.

Every oil and vinegar in the store can be taste tested and flavors range from chocolate to blood orange. Along with all the great flavor combinations customers can create, one of the highlights is the health factor.

"A lot of times, especially in this area, we don't have the natural and the more healthy choices so it's nice to have this store," said Hudson.

Even if customers don't leave with a bottle or two of their favorites, Jacobs hopes they leave with more knowledgeable about the health benefits and many different recipes their oils and vinegars can be used to make.

You can learn more about Pass Christian Olive Oils and Vinegars here:

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