Spring break brings first time visitors to the coast

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - As the sun starts to disappear, the word fancy comes to mind. Fancy cars, fancy games, fancy food and even fancy shoes.  The coast has struck the fancy of some first timers coming to spring break, like Michael Thomas from Atlanta.

"First time coming down, just hanging out for the spring break. I'm enjoying myself so far," said Thomas.

I then asked Thomas what he thought of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"It's pretty nice, kind of different from what I'm used to, but I'm enjoying myself thus far," said Thomas.

Some locals even decided to come down to the beach.

"Just wanted to come down and see what it's like and see what kind of people are going on and see what fun they're having and just enjoying the crowd," said spring breaker Duck Johnson.

As the crowds and the traffic continue to build, a feeling of fun is building as well.

"Oh, I'm having a great time. There's a lot of nice people out here and they are cooking and just chilling and staying out of trouble," said spring breaker Tiffany Moore.

"It's my first time. Everybody looks beautiful out here, it's great. I mean, there's nobody beefing with nobody and everyone is just in harmony," said spring breaker Stephen Price.

After missing out on the fun, some felt compelled to be here.

"I've heard about it so many years, and I just wanted to come down here and see for myself. Loving it, loving it, coming back next year to see it again," said spring breaker Muffin Ducksworth.

Seeing the coast for the first time certainly leaves a lasting impression.

"The Mississippi Gulf Coast is great. I mean the view is great, look at the water, look at it. The weather is great. I'm out here with no shirt on so you know it's great," said Price.

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