Action Report: Baber & Son failing to deliver on goods

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Steve McCrum says his mother-in-law, Joan, is unable to walk up and down the stairs at his home, so he began looking for a solution.

"She has confirmed that she has no cartilage left in both knees, and so she's been up in that room since February 5 when we moved her out from Bakersfield, CA to here," McCrum said.

McCrum says he decided to go with Baber & Son of Bay St. Louis, and Chuck Baber traveled to his home in Ocean Springs back in late February. A contract shows McCrum agreed to pay $4,066 for a stair-lift.

"He came out February 25, took the measurements and from that point on I gave him a check for $2,033,"McCrum said. "That was half down and the other half, $2,033, would be paid when the work was completed."

Since that day in February, McCrum says he has had no contact with Chuck Baber.

"He has never contacted us, and I've been trying three times a day and all I receive is his voice mail that says the mail box is full and cannot leave any messages," McCrum said.

I traveled to Bay St. Louis, but when I got to Baber & Son at 101 Central Avenue, no one was in the office. It was closed.

I tried calling the phone number and a recording said the number is no longer in service.

A quick look in the back revealed a few iron gates that are used for elevators, but it was apparent Baber & Son was no longer in business.

I went to the side of the building and noticed that some apartments were available for rent. That number also was no longer in service.

I traveled to Bay St. Louis City Hall and a city official confirmed the company had shut down and could not provide me with a forwarding number.

"I cannot trust this individual, so I would like to get my money back," McCrum said.

Bay St. Louis officials tell me they also have received numerous complaints about Baber and Son, but they have no idea where they are located.

If you have a complaint against Baber and Son, file a complaint with the State Attorney General's office.

Brandon Baber, the son of Chuck Baber, contacted A.J. Friday afternoon.  Brandon said he left the company in December, but he and his mom want to take care of all customers who paid for services that were not delivered.

He asked that the customers be patient, that it may take some time.

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