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Autaugaville murder victim's father wants answers


The father of an Autaugaville murder victim wants answers. Johnny Davis's son was gunned down on March 15th at a birthday party. Now he's raising questions about the building where the party happened.

Davis says the owner doesn't have a business license, yet the facility continues to host parties. Even more surprising, the building owner is also a city council member. Davis went to confront the mayor about it all.

"We want answers Mr. Ward and I got a call last night that this place is still operating and I have a problem with that," Davis said.

Johnny Davis is the father of Autaugaville murder victim Dandrell Harris who was gunned down inside this building, in a section residents call the "Boom Boom Room," a space where they have parties. 

"We buried my son and had the funeral. I found out that it's been operating without license," Davis said.

Davis says his son paid $5 to get in that night and now he's on a quest to get answers as to why business transactions are still going on inside this building that's owned by Autaugaville city council member Curtis Stoudemire.

WSFA 12 News Reporter Tametria Conner asked Autaugaville Mayor F.B. Ward if he was aware that there is no business license on file for that property. Ward said he was aware, however; he claims Mr. Stoudemire told him that the building was being used for personal use.

Councilman Stoudemire said he wasn't available for an interview, but did tell WSFA 12 News Reporter Tametria Conner over the phone that he doesn't deny not having a business license. He claims his family hosts birthday parties free of charge in the building. Stoudemire says he is not aware of any business transactions.

"I wouldn't think that someone has a birthday party every weekend and even during the week. You don't have that many people with that many birthdays all the time. You don't have that many cousins or even relatives," Autaugaville resident Zelma Spann said.

Residents say there's also a barbershop operating inside the building.

"It is a business. I've seen older people here getting their cuts and I've seen people on Saturday nights at the Boom Boom Room," Autaugaville resident Michelle Hunter said.

WSFA 12 News Reporter Tametria Conner asked Autaugaville Mayor F.B. Ward what is his plan of action.

"He's going to have to shut it down if it's illegal, now that's all that is....councilman or no councilman, you know," Ward said.

Ms. Spann says the barbershop was open Tuesday. She said her grandson got his hair cut there a few week ago.

Mr. Davis says he's provided the proof and now he's waiting for the city to do what's right and shut this place down.     

Davis says if this building isn't shut down he'll organize protests in Autaugaville until the situation is resolved.

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