Biloxi takes bids on largest infrastructure project to date

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The city of Biloxi has opened bids for what is expected to be the largest phase of the city's massive infrastructure project. The project is slated to replace underground utilities from Interstate 110 to Point Cadet. So far, three companies have bid on the project that's expected to cost about $120 million.

It's still years away from completion, but the city is one step closer to finding a contractor to take on one of the biggest infrastructure projects the city has ever seen.

"This has been a long time in coming. There's a lot of work involved. We've got a lot of people involved, and so it's the biggest project the city has ever taken on," said Public Works Director Dan Gaillet.

HNTB is the firm that has been overseeing the federally funded projects. Project Manager Marvin Dalla Rosa is happy to be making some progress toward starting the work in East Biloxi.

"We'll go through the bids now and we'll check them for accuracy and completeness, and then we'll recommend to the city and we'll reward based on who has the most responsible bid," said Dalla Rosa.

Residents in East Biloxi are concerned about when the city would finally get to work on its drainage systems and roads, but Gaillet wants those residents to be prepared for years of construction.

"This is literally going to be a three year project, and they're going to get tired of it and so we have to make sure that we're meeting their needs," said Gaillet.

Gaillet and Dalla Rosa say once they have selected a bidder, they will discuss what the contractor's plans are and then begin holding public meetings to keep the community informed

"Over the next three years, he'll kind of work through it. We don't try to force them to work in one area or another just simply because they've got to do it the way they see fit," said Gaillet.

Gaillet said hopefully within two weeks they will be getting approval from the council on the contractor.

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