Hundreds turn out for WLOX Spring Senior Fair

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds of people learned a little more about how to make their golden years some of the best years on Wednesday. WLOX sponsored its Spring Senior Fair in Ocean Springs.

There was a terrific turnout. The attendees said they appreciate the chance to get information and talk to people person to person.

600 senior citizens said when they have questions, there's nothing better than getting answers while having a face to face conversation.

"Because usually when you call you don't speak to a person," said Carol McAndrew. "You speak to a recording or something, and it's really nice to speak to a person one on one. Representatives from dozens of companies set up booths."

The information available to seniors ranged from medical services and health insurance to assisted living.

"It's for us to get out in the community and educate people, and that's the main benefit of this convention," said Addison Riemann of Riemann Funeral Homes.

"If you look around here you can see so many different services," said Michael Delgado of Humana. "The vendors that are available, and as they go to each booth they're able to get information for that particular need in their lives."

"It's a great way just for branding. For getting our name out there for future reference. Maybe you don't need us now but you will one day and maybe you or maybe your friends need us. So that's the hope and the prayer is that we can touch so many lives here," said Jennifer Eustis of Methodist Senior Services Seashore Highlands

The Senior Fair was also about getting out and having fun. Seniors were able to spend time with friends and get the chance to win plenty of door prizes.

"They've really got a lot of stuff for seniors," said senior citizen Will Cuevas.

"Seniors really enjoy getting out, and there's not enough activities and events for them," said Kearn Cherry of PRN Healthcare. "So every time there's an event like this you see a large turnout because they don't have a lot to do all day and a lot of them are lonely."

Seniors said they can't wait until the next WLOX Senior Fair. People who attended WLOX Spring Senior Fair were also treated to lunch.

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