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River Region car dealerships, customers react to vehicle recalls


General Motors CEO Mary Barra testified on Capitol Hill this past week about the company's long delay in recalling vehicles with defective ignition switches, Chrysler just announced a recall affecting about 870,000 SUV's and now Ford has recalled about 435,000 cars and SUV's.

So how do these recalls affect River Region dealerships and their customers? 

Like many Americans, Laquisia Williams is hoping to use her tax return for an upgrade, she wants to replace two of her family's vehicles.

"We want something safe, affordable and right for our family," says Williams.  GM's recent massive recall, affecting millions of vehicles, is playing a part in her decision making.  "We've been looking at the recalls and looking at the different options," she says.

Sadly, consumers like Williams are not alone.  Gilmore Ford's Principal Dealer, Charlie Wall, says a safety recall creates a lot of panic and attributes some recalls to advancing technology.

"You got these cars doing things, you couldn't have even dreamed about 10 years ago and with that, you're going to have problems," says Wall.

Mercedes, a cashier at Capitol Chevrolet Montgomery, says they're advising customers affected by the recall to provide them with their VIN numbers so when they know how to fix that ignition switch problem they can order the correct parts.

"You don't want to have a reputation as building an unsafe vehicle, no manufacturer wants that," says Wall.  The Prattville Ford dealership says when there is a recall, there's two types of customers, those that line up out the door to get their vehicle fixed and those that just keep driving, putting all of us at risk

"If you have a car that has a safety recall, think about what the implications could be, the manufacturer's not telling you to replace that part  just because they want to spend the moneY, they want you to come in because they want you to be safe.  They want the other people on the road with you to be safe," says Wall.

Wall says a recall isn't the problem, it's how you handle it and his biggest challenge is to give people peace of mind, while potential customers like Williams weigh their options.

"It makes you think about what to buy," says Williams.

GM says recall repair will begin Monday and on Wednesday, Toyota Motor Corp. announced a recall affecting 6.39 million vehicles.

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