Rotary Event Tries To Get Kids Involved In Politics

The Rotary Club invited students from all over Pearl River County their 75th anniversary celebration.  The key note speaker at the event was Sen. Thad Cochran, and students were allowed to quiz the senator about the future of our nation. Questions ranged from the role America will play in peace keeping operations around the world to national drug control policies.

The students were chosen to research the tough questions they asked the senator. While many teens today don't care about political issues, these students are working to change that perception.

"They don't really realize that what's going on in the world affects them directly, and you have to point those things out to them," high school teacher Roxanna Lee says.  "I do that here during current events. I always tell them our future president is sitting in a classroom somewhere."

"I think that teens getting involved in politics definitely starts at home," high school senior Shannon Johnson says. "Parents should educate their children about our government and the way it works because politics is really crusual to the way our society operates."

Students say the forum not only gave them a chance to rub elbows with one of Mississippi's most powerful politicians, but it was also a learning experience.

"I went in there not knowing what to expect, but when I came out I felt like I knew a lot more about the political issues that are going on now," high school senior Jacob Owen says.

The hope is that some of these students will some day step into leadership roles.