Woman accused of arson asks for bond reduction

Krystal Danielle Gonzalez takes the stand.
Krystal Danielle Gonzalez takes the stand.

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Monday the woman accused of that massive fire at Arbor View Apartments in D'Iberville went before a judge to ask that her $2 million bond be reduced. Krystal Danielle Gonzalez faces a charge of arson and has been in jail for three weeks now.

According to her attorney Michael Crosby, it's because her bond is simply too high. He wanted to see that bond lowered today so he could get his client out of jail.

In jail since March 12, 26-year-old Krystal Danielle Gonzalez entered the courtroom in handcuffs and a prison uniform to ask the judge to reduce her $2 million bond. Gonzalez's attorney Michael Crosby calls the bond excessive.

"A bond is supposed to be based on the individual more so than the act. You're supposed to look at, what it would take to reasonably guarantee that this person would come back to court. See, a bond is not supposed to be about punishing anybody," said Crosby.

In an effort to prove Gonzalez was worthy of a bond reduction, Crosby had several friends, an employer and Gonzalez's mother Anna testify about her work, goals and responsibilities.

"She's very hard working. She always has more than one job," said one of Gonzalez's friends.

Before her arrest, her mother said Gonzalez was going to school to be a cosmetologist.

"She's very responsible, goal oriented," said Anna Gonzalez.

Still the victims say that don't want to see the person accused of causing the fire that destroyed all their homes granted a bond reduction.

"If it is lowered, I hope it's a one million, nine hundred ninety nine thousand, nine hundred ninety nine dollars and ninety nine cents. And that's coming from my thoughts," said fire victim Michael McQuillan

After testimonies and cross examinations from the prosecutor, the judge recessed saying he wanted more time to look over the amended motion, which calls for a reduced bond tied with several conditions like house arrest and a curfew.

"What the judge said, he said, 'I can take this home and review all the ideas that you put forth in your motion or I can rule right now.' And I think that when the judge says, he's to lower, grant the relief, but he wants to consider some things that you've said in the motion, then you should give the judge that time to do so. I think it's very much in our interest to do that," said Crosby.

The judge is supposed to decide whether or not to reduce Gonzalez's bond Thursday morning.  She is currently being held at the Harrison County Jail.

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