Spring Break promoters finalize plans, set up info hotline

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Just how many people will show up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for Spring Break festivities this weekend is anyone's guess. On Monday, promoters met with Coliseum officials to finalize plans. They also released a hotline number for people to call to get information about all things Spring Break.

Although Ticketmaster has begun selling concert tickets, promoters said it's too early to tell how many people will show up, but they're banking on a good turnout.

Maurice Bryant of BTG Promotions and Assistant Executive Director Matt McDonell walked the grounds at the Coast Coliseum on Monday afternoon finalizing plans.

"Laying out the plans for exactly what we're going to be doing here at the Coliseum," said Bryant. "The concerts, just all the activities in general. While there will be plenty of entertainment, parking, and food here on the Coliseum grounds."

Promoters are encouraging visitors to venture out as well.

"There's plenty of vendors on the beach. We want people to enjoy the beach volleyball. We want them to just enjoy the beach," Bryant said. "Always know they can come here to the Coliseum. There's going to be food vendors, drinks, entertainment. We're going to have a whole package for Spring Break here."

Bryant said a successful Spring Break means money in pockets of many local hotels and businesses.

"It's difficult to know the exact amount of visitors we're going to have, just on the nature of the type of event it is. But from the years in the past we've known that it's going to be a turnout of a decent amount of visitors. So everyone has an opportunity, from the malls to the local convenience stores to the fast food restaurants, to see a profitable weekend," said Bryant.

For more than a decade, thousands of people have visited the coast for Spring Break. Promoters said they work hard to keep each year fresh with a variety of concert acts and activities so people keep coming back.

Bryant said, "It's not the individual promoters that are doing it. It's just something that's in demand and people enjoy coming to the coast. They look forward to the second weekend or first weekend of April every year."

The Spring Break information line is (228) 323-6637.  Promoters are encouraging everyone to only park in designated areas and to obey all traffic laws.

There is a separate Spring Break event being planned by another promoter the weekend of April 18th. Local hotel officials tell me they have seen a significant increase in the number of rooms books for this weekend and next weekend as compared to earlier during the Spring Break season.

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