EMA Director says prepare for the approaching heavy rainfall

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Harrison County Emergency Managements Director Rupert Lacy says the key factor for this incoming storm is where the rain will stall and create the flooding issues like we saw last week.

"What we've got is the front, which is going to be that stationary front that is moving back up over Harrison County, and South Mississippi," said Lacy

Lacy says everyone should be prepared, and that means protecting yourself and your property.

"We have to always take extra time. We have to protect our property so that we don't lose any life. Pay attention throughout the weekend as the system moves, and if watches and warnings come out, take the necessary precautions to protect property, our vehicles, home and of course lives," Lacy said.

Lacy says one way to do that is by helping yourself to the sand bag station that the EMA has prepared for areas that are prone to flood more.

"If you live in some of these low lying areas, you may want to pick up some of those items around there depending on how heavy you see the rain falling," said Lacy.

Not only should people prepare their homes and vehicles for the heavy downpour, Lacy says we should also be ready to see more wildlife surface.

"It is spring time, so our wildlife is on the move. Last weekend we saw some snakes moving because of the water, but another safety issue that we need to be cautious about is depending on how much water. We're starting to see the ants move about, so be careful for the wildlife or the critters that we have," said Lacy.

The sand bag station the EMA has prepared is located at the Lorraine Road work center. It is self-serve, so you're encouraged to get the sand bags if you need them.

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