Residents get rid of household hazardous waste in Harrison Co.

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Tons of hazardous household waste taking up space in homes across Harrison County has been removed for free. Mississippi Power teamed up with the Harrison County Beautification Commission and many other agencies to sponsor an annual waste collection day event know as "Bring it!"

Hundreds of Harrison County residents did some spring cleaning, bringing loads of material to Plant Watson for the waste collection day that is too dangerous to just throw away.

"I am carrying paint and old tires that I had from a trucking business that I had years ago," said Charles Dubra.

Dubra was the first in line at Saturday's event.

"The garbage truck won't carry this, so people try to throw it in areas it is not suppose to be in. So if we have this venue right here, we can bring the stuff here and it will be properly disposed of," Dubra said.

For 19 years, Mississippi Power has helped sponsor the event. Since then, nearly 400 tons of old batteries, paint, tires medical waste and other hazardous materials have been collected.

"I think the big thing we are seeing a lot more of is the electronic waste. Everyone is getting new TV's, but what do you do with the old ones? You can bring them out here and they can get broken down and properly recycled," Mississippi Power's Jeff Shepard said.

A lot of oil was also collected within the first 20 minutes of the event.

"We have collected about 200 gallons, and it will be recycled back into petroleum, usable petroleum products, mostly for boiler fuels and some of it will be refined again," waste oil collector John Cambre said.

Even the waste collectors contributed to the cause; disposing of old products that some may be surprised are even hazardous.

"I have been collecting this nail polish for years. When the polish starts separating, we don't like to use it anymore, so it is actually waste. I also brought a few circuit boards from computers," Mississippi Power's Ann Dauer said.

Organizers said they were pleased with the turnout and they will continue helping to keep the environment clean.

"At the end of the day it is to keep all of this stuff out of the environment, keeping it out of the waterways, ditches and that is what this event is all about," Shepard said.

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