Casino plans re-surface in Diamondhead

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - A renewed push to bring a casino development to Diamondhead has the city buzzing. The Casino World Corporation has named an experienced casino executive as its new chairman of the board and CEO to run the company.

The company also announced it's in the process of strengthening its financial position with the intent of building a casino resort destination in Diamondhead. WLOX News has reaction to that news from nearby neighbors.

Frank and Jerilyn Faulstich have a birds-eye view of Casino World's 400 acre proposed casino site from their elevated house in Diamondhead.

The couple is not onboard with any casino developments coming to town, but if one was to work out they'd prefer Casino World.

"The casino is something I could live with if it was done right," said Frank.

The couple has gone on record opposing a casino development proposed by Jacobs Entertainment Group. That one would put a gaming resort just a couple hundred yards from their home. Casino World takes the gaming activity further away.

"I think it's a more appropriate site, and people who built over here before Katrina built over here knowing that casino was a possibility over on the other 400 acres. They did not know there was a possibility of putting one right out of our kitchen window," Jerilyn said.

They say the changes made to Casino World's leadership are a significant move.

"They are becoming more serious about getting a casino on that property, and it could be a good thing, it could be a bad thing. I haven't seen all of the proposals. They have to have the right traffic flow off the Interstate and I think it would probably be acceptable," Frank said.

According to Casino World, an estimated 18 million cars travel by the site each year. Traffic that could lead to more development for Diamondhead is a good thing according to the Sclafani's.

"We need a boost. We need some kind of boost to get Diamondhead going again. It's a great community. It's a great place to live. Now that we're a city, we have to act like a city. We've got to get the taxes that we need," explained Vincent Sclafani.

Many Diamondhead residents were excited to hear about the changes made at the top of the Casino World Corporation, viewing it as encouraging news that a casino development in Diamondhead might just become reality.

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