Lil' Boosie will not perform in Jackson County

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It is official. Lil' Boosie will not be performing at the Jackson County Fairgrounds on April 18 during Mississippi Gulf Coast Spring Break.

Jackson County officials announced the news Thursday afternoon. They said negotiations with promoter Keith Brown fell through when the appearance by the rap artist could not be guaranteed because of his parole in Louisiana.

"With the event in which they seek to negotiate a contract only two weeks away, they still cannot guarantee the appearance of the artist," said County Administrator Brian Fulton.

According to Louisiana Administrative Code, because of his probation, Lil' Boosie would not be able to leave the state of Louisiana without written consent from his probation and parole officer.

The Jackson County Board Attorney's office was informed by Louisiana Department of Correction and Parole officials that the artist is on travel restriction and could not get approval to travel between now and the concert date.

"Regardless, the bottom line is: No one, including the event promoter, can guarantee the artist's appearance for the contract they are attempting to negotiate. This office cannot recommend entering into a contract for rental of the fairgrounds for a concert to which tickets have been sold, but it is likely the artist will not appear," said the Board Attorney's office.

County officials said public safety was also an issue for them when considering the contract.

"Additionally, with such short notice, it would be difficult, if not impossible for local law enforcement to accommodate this type of event with the available staff," said Fulton. "As we expressed to the promoter in our initial meeting, events of this magnitude take longer than three weeks or a month to plan."

Fulton says he encourages the promoter to start contract negotiations at least eight months in advance in the future. He says that allows ample time for contract negotiations and public safety coordination.

Organizers tell WLOX News anyone who bought tickets to the concert can contact for a full refund.

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