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KSLA News 12 Editorial: April 3rd-Hit Delete

I got some great news this week in an email from Nigeria. Turns out the government of Nigeria owes me $2.3 million.

All I have to do is pay their correspondent in Africa $420 and they'll send me my millions, either on an ATM card or by check. It's guaranteed.

What could possibly go wrong?

I also got an email from Bank of America telling me for security reasons, they have suspended my account and I have to click on a link to update my information. I'm not a Bank of America customer. And my guess is, Nigeria isn't going to send me my millions. They're scams. These bogus offers are a plague on the Internet. I'm surprised the perpetrators can't be tracked down and stopped.

So, what recourse do we have?

You can try reporting it to the FBI by going to their website, fbi.gov. They have a special section set up for reporting email scams.

Or, you can have a good laugh and hit delete.

I'm James Smith.

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