Jackson Co. homeless pets get special delivery to stay healthy

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Jackson County officials said the local animal shelter is currently overcrowded with dogs and cats. So, a local group stepped up to help by donating hundreds of pounds of pet food.

The Animal Protection and Education Association group unloaded tons of donated food and medical supplies it received from Chicago.

"We sent a load of dogs up to Chicago. They are looking for dogs. They have strict spay and neuter laws and they don't have all the pet overpopulation we do. So a lot of our dogs we consider mixed breed dogs are like novelty dogs there. So, they went crazy over the Southern dogs," volunteer Dina Singh said.

The volunteers said they had no idea they would be leaving Chicago with truck loads of donations.

"We were appreciative. It was a whole bunch of smiles, hugs, thanks and it was really great," volunteer Traycee Callegan said.

Jackson County Shelter Director Diane Robinson was overwhelmed by the generosity.

"These kinds of donations are lifesavers for us."

Robinson said with the population of displaced animals steadily increasing due to strays and owner surrenders, they have had to continue stocking up on healthy food and other resources.

"We are running between 100 and 150 animals. We had already had a number of pets we're working on getting adopted out now, and we are starting puppy and kitten season. So as we get into the breeding season, we are going to continue to get more and more animals."

Until the animals are adopted, the volunteer group hopes these supplies will be enough to make a difference in their lives.

"We are hoping for every one of them to find a home, but while they're here we want the quality-of-life here to be as best as it can be," Callegan said.

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