UPDATE: Lawmakers repeal change to kindergarten start date

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Just days after signing an education bill in law, state lawmakers voted Tuesday to repeal a section of it dealing with when preschoolers can enter kindergarten. Senate Bill 2571 changed the cut off birth date for kindergarten eligibility from September first to August first.

The move came after lawmakers heard numerous complaints and concerns from parents across the state. Candace Smith is one of those parents who was caught off guard.

"I was looking through Facebook and saw it and was in total shock. It's affecting so many students that are ready to start school this year," she told WLOX News Monday.

Smith's four-year-old daughter, Kayleigh, was looking forward to starting kindergarten in Harrison County this fall. But the new law meant Kayleigh was suddenly ineligible.

"I'm very upset about it. Our children's education should be first and foremost before anything. The country is trying to legalize marijuana and we're trying to set our kids back another year from starting their education. It's not fair to our children," said Smith. "I'm hoping somebody in the legislature will change their mind, and hopefully, back this out for the children of Mississippi."

The Legislature heard that outcry and moved quickly to backtrack. Tuesday, they repealed the section of the new law changing the cutoff date for kindergarten students. A revamped bill will now be sent to the governor.

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