Ethanol Free gas attracting customers, despite higher price

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Call it a sign of the times. More small, independently owned gas stations are now offering something that you could barely find just a couple of years ago - 100 percent pure gasoline with no ethanol.

Business owner Jeff Mohler started selling pure gasoline at this downtown Ocean Springs station several months ago. He says it's better for small engines, older cars and boats. He also wanted to offer something unique.

"It was a very good decision. There are gas stations on every corner, so we were trying to find something that every gas station did not have and it has worked out very well here," Mohler said.

But is it really better? At Ocean Marine, the experts say 'yes.'

"In the marine environment where you have a fuel tank that is vented to the atmosphere, while it's sitting in your yard, it's just steadily collecting water. So when you find fuel that doesn't have ethanol in it, you don't have to worry about that particular problem," Keith King explained.

What about small engines? At Terry's Service Center, gas with ethanol has led to more business for mechanic Andrew Pollard.

"We've seen a lot more problems. The gas is going to go bad quicker and it's not going to be as stable as long, so you definitely won't be able to store it. Your gas cans are pretty much going to be garbage," Pollard said.

Pure gasoline is more expensive than ethanol treated gasoline - at one station we found it selling for about 20 cents more per gallon than ethanol treated gas. But the people using it say it's still a bargain.

"It's better for the bike. It's better for the small carbs and everything," said Bud Keller, as he filled up his motorcycle with pure gas. "It doesn't clog up and make it where it misses and it just runs better. It gets better mileage, too."

Will more people start buying pure gas when the word gets out?

"I think so, especially with your older vehicles and your boats," said Long Hoang, who works at a station selling pure gasoline. "I think we're going to get a little bit more business because it's more of a niche now to carry that than the norm."

Stations in Ocean Springs are not the only ones selling pure gasoline. Several other stations scattered about the coast have also started offering the product.

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