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Fans pumped up for Wrestlemania in the Dome

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Dubbed the "Super Bowl ofwrestling," fans are bringing their wallets and their enthusiasm to theTicketmaster window to purchase tickets for Wrestlemania on Sunday evening.

"You want to get there and getcrazy with the rest of the fans," said Tyrone McEwen.

For many fans like McEwen,Wrestlmania is more than an event: It's a lifestyle.

"I watch it every Friday andevery Monday night when I'm home," McEwen said.

Miranda Burthlong said she's been afan all her life, and loves the theatre.

"Some of it is real," Burthlongsaid. "Some of the hits you can't fake."

Two-time Taekwondo World Championand Wrestlemania fan Jarryd Boyd said he is excited for the show.

"You have two guys in the ringgoing at it," Boyd said. "You can say they're not hitting each other, but theaspect of putting on a great show with the fans is what is exciting tome."

The Jacobs family got five ticketsfor about $300.

"It's a once in a lifetime event,"Ashan Jacobs said. "You'll spend more than that going to the Super Bowl."

Many fans, no matter what the price,will pack into the Mercedes Benz Superdome on Sunday to see six-time defendingchampion Randy Orton wrestle Batista, or "The Undertaker" against Brock "TheBeast" Lesner.

At the Ticketmaster window, RenaDellavalade paid $700 to buy "good" seats for his kids.

"They should be close to the walkwaywhere they're coming out," Dellavalade said. "The children will be happy to seeit."

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