Victim says more should have been done to save his girlfriend

Chris Prevost and his girlfriend, Amanda Salas.
Chris Prevost and his girlfriend, Amanda Salas.

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Chris Prevost said he and his girlfriend, Amanda Salas, were living a nightmare because of Salas's ex-boyfriend Patrick Norman.

For months, Prevost said Norman was stalking them.

"The first incident we had, I work at the casino, and he cornered me there," Prevost said.

Sunday, Prevost said he and Salas pulled into their Ocean Springs driveway when Norman followed them. He said Norman tapped on the window. When Salas looked, he shot her in the head and then shot Prevost before killing himself.

Luckily, the bullet hit Prevost in the shoulder and went through his chest, only hitting the muscles and sparing his life. But Prevost said he wishes he was the one who died.

"I just feel like it could have been prevented. That was my worst fear," Prevost said. "She saw the good in everybody and he would call her work 20-30 times until she talked to him, so finally she just talked to him for five or ten minutes."

Prevost said Norman would also show up at Salas's work and home. Last week, Prevost explained, things got even worse. Salas took off work to move and Norman could not get in touch with her.

"He got angry. I mean, he got angry," Prevost said.

Norman found out where they lived, Prevost said, slashed their tires several times, cornered Amanda at work and threatened to kill them.

"I just feel that Ocean Springs Police Department let us down," Prevost said. "I don't feel like I have a leg to stand on and this could have prevented if they would have listened to me. I told them this guy was nuts, this guy was crazy."

He said they called police on Norman at least eight times in the past six months, but Norman was never arrested. Ocean Springs Police Captain William Jackson said that is because Salas never signed an affidavit.

"We did everything we are required to by law except violating rights without arresting him with no cause," Jackson said. "It is her property, so for whatever reason, she did not do that. But she did take it upon herself to protect herself by filing a restraining order."

Salas and Prevost filed a restraining order against Norman Friday, just two days before the shooting. Captain Jackson said he hopes this tragedy will show others that it is best to press charges if something like this is happening to you.

"They are not going to stop with you being nice to them. They are doing it because you are too nice to them; they feel they can keep doing it," Jackson said.

Prevost said, "I hope someone sees this and if they are going through the same thing with somebody crazy like that, they will open their eyes and do whatever they can to get away from that. This doesn't need to happen to anyone else. There are too many crazy people out there like that. Get away; you can't help them."

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence there is help. You can contact the Gulf Coast Women's Center for Non-Violence at (228) 436-3809 or on the crisis line 24/7 at 1-800-800-1396. The non-profit also has a website where you can even take a danger assessment test to find out just if your relationship is lethal .

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