Arbor View says thank you to volunteers and first responders

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - We've been following the story of the D'Iberville apartment building that went up in flames almost three weeks ago. Since then, the community and volunteers have donated items, as well as their time, to help those who lost their belongings and homes to the fire.

Sunday afternoon, the apartment complex was able to host an appreciation party for those who extended that help.

Victoria and Christopher Marrapodi, along with their daughter Lily, were two of the March 4 fire victims from the Arbor View Apartments. Luckily, they weren't home when their building caught fire, but when they got the phone call from a neighbor telling them what was going on, they said it was like a waking nightmare. Through it all, they never expected to get so much love and support from the community.

"The support has been overwhelming. We were really impressed by how many people donated and even just personal people," Christopher said.

Arbor View Apartment's Property Manager DeAnna Cannette said the appreciation dinner is in honor of the officials and volunteers that helped out fire victims as they have been piecing their lives back together.

"We just want to turn a frown upside down and let everyone know how much we appreciate all that they've done for us," Cannette says.

"We're feeling great. We've been tremendously taken care of. The community is great, and this celebration is pretty awesome to be around and to see everybody that's recovered well and everyone's outreach," Victoria said.

This family, other families and the Arbor View Apartments staff can't thank everyone enough.

"It's wonderful. I've got goose bumps to see everyone here in one room together. It's just heart-warming. It makes us feel good that they care about us so much, and we just want to give back however we can," Cannette said.

"God has completely blessed us. There is no denying that God is in control and definitely present in our life and the lives around everyone that's helped and it's just been such a blessing," Victoria said.

Cannette and her staff were able to present 'thank you' plaques and other gifts to the agencies that have helped in their recovery from the fire.

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