South Mississippians clean up after major river flooding

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It was cleanup time Sunday for the hundreds of people who were affected by the heavy rain and massive river flooding this weekend. Several neighborhoods in South Mississippi were soaked after several rivers peaked.

"It is just cleanup time," said Gulfport resident Robert Clark.

Instead of relaxing Sunday, several Retreat Village residents in Gulfport were busy washing away mud and removing debris the Biloxi River had pushed into their neighborhood.

"We are excited we can quickly cleanup our yards, cleanup our driveways, cleanup our sheds and move on," Retreat Village resident Richard Rose said.

There was still standing water on the streets, but Clark and Rose said it is not nearly as bad as Saturday's scene.

"You couldn't have gotten back here with a car or truck. It was a minor flood, but it was still about two foot deep and it was just a nuisance," said Clark.

These neighbors admit that living so close to the Biloxi River, they often deal with flooding events throughout the year.

"Many, many floods. We will have one a year or six or eight a year. We rely on y'all to give us correct forecasts and most of the people, they prepare. They elevate their chairs and the things to keep them from washing out if it is a major flood," Clark said.

As the cleanup continues, the neighbors are just relieved the spring flood didn't cause too much damage to their homes and personal belongings. They're also pleased to hear everyone along their riverfront community stayed safe.

"Again, we live out here to enjoy it. A little mud, a little debris, a little litter unfortunately is just part of living here on the water," Rose said.

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