Hit and run victim's family seeking help from community

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - A Pensacola, Florida man, who survived a horrific hit and run on February 16 was back in D'Iberville Saturday visiting family.

After eight surgeries and facing a $250,000 bill just for a hospital stay, 42-year-old Troy Harrison has been left bedridden, unable to work and the bills keep piling up.

Some of his family members saw him for the first time Saturday since the incident. They are pulling together to support him, but they are calling on the community to help.

"He was released Friday the 21 of March and he has a lot of ongoing issues still on an osotomy and feeding tube and he has a lot of pain. We have to see a pain management doctor next week," Troy's wife Jessica Harrison said.

As a security guard and father of 11 Troy Harrison is used to looking out for others. But after he was hit by a pickup truck six weeks ago, while walking to a store, he has to rely on the help from others for just about everything.

"I guess if you had to choose a way to live that wouldn't be what he'd want. He's that father that got outside and played with them and goofed around and did stuff with his wife. And now he's kinda bed bound and you don't know what his long term effects are," said relative Crysta Joseph.

Family members and friends that had not seen Harrison since the incident gathered to hug and kiss the man they consider the life of the party.

"I'm praying for him and hoping that he feels better," said Troy's step daughter Jaelle Joseph said.

"In himself he is a one man show. He is so fun. He loves music," said Crysta Joseph.

Stuck with a feeding tube and still facing at least three more surgeries, Harrison says

The support from loved ones is helping him cope with the new life changes he's having to make.

"It feels really good that a lot of people came out to support me," said Troy Harrison.

Though loved ones celebrate his life, they and his children are trying to come to terms with all of this.

"They're having a hard time. They miss their Pablo and they miss mama we haven't been able to do anything. We had a trip scheduled to Disney World we had to cancel so because he was in the hospital. So life has definitely changed everything," said Jessica Harrison.

If you are interested in helping the Harrison family with Troy's medical bills, you can make a donation at BancorpSouth under the Jessica Harrison for the benefit of Troy Harrison Account or visit Regions Bank and make a donation under the Jessica Harrison Account.

D'Ibervile Police say a teenager was charged with leaving the scene of that accident.

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