Attorney renegotiating Lil' Boosie concert contract

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - When the talk of rap artist Lil' Boosie performing at a concert during Mississippi Gulf Coast Spring Break at the Jackson County Fairgrounds spread through social media, county officials had to take a second look at their original contract, which stated there would only be a car show. That's when the event promoter called attorney Earl Denham.

"When the thing hit a little road block and there was a misunderstanding, then they asked me to step in and see if I could help them. So I agreed that I would be happy to do that," Denham said.

Friday, the promoter and attorney Denham sat down with the attorney for the Board of Supervisors to discuss the new event contract. Denham said the original contract by Jackson County never specified that there would be a concert at the car show. When county officials found out, the contract was canceled. Now they're in the process of negotiating a new contract.

"It needs to be on more of a complete contract. But after all, it's on a contract. And we intend to cooperate with the county in every way, do anything they want, so people get the entertainment that they want to see," he said.

For the people that have already purchased their concert tickets, Denham said he's confident in saying they should hold on to them.

"If for some reason it doesn't happen, they'll get their money back. But I wouldn't give my ticket away right now. Everything isn't clear yet because we have to negotiate some numbers and things of that nature. But anything they want in the way of information from us, certainly, we're going to give them."

Denham confirms they're in the entering stages of negotiating the new contract, but hope to have it completed within the next week.

The original event was planned for April 18th at 7pm. There's no word on whether the new contract will change the date.

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