Moss Point Business Owners Share Ideas To Bring Downtown To Life

"I go around the table and drape the fabric just to make it look nice. It's a little marketing strategy," CL's Sew And So owner Cindy Padley says.

After a slow summer, Padley says she needs all the help she can get.

"Summers are always hard on me, but this summer was especially hard. What kept me going was boas,"Padley says.

Padley has been running her fabric shop for five years.

She says she chose to locate in downtown Moss Point to help attract shoppers to the area.

Now Padley and other business owners agree there are a few things that are keeping the customers away.

Most of the business owners I talked to say they need three things to make downtown Moss Point business better.

First they want to see more parking spaces, next they want to see more office spaces, but the most important thing was they want to see a light right out here on Main Street.

This way they say shoppers will feel safe walking from one shop to the next.

"As it is, it's very dangerous to cross the street on foot. Once the customers get in the car intending to come to a business on the other side, it's just easier to keep on going maybe to WalMart or where ever," Padley adds.

She says if these changes happen, she believes more people would wander around the shops and maybe spend a buck or two.