Plans to build indoor gun range moving forward

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A Gulfport man has his sights set on opening a shooting range off Seaway Road in Gulfport. When David Comstock pitched his idea for an outdoor gun range concept for property on Highway 53, Harrison County said no. He hopes moving the facility indoors will get him approval to move forward in Gulfport.

"We got shot down in Harrison County, and we were going to do a whole facility out in Harrison County, and we decided that we could do the indoor range right in Gulfport," said Comstock.

Comstock went before Gulfport's Planning Commission Thursday hoping to get approval to build a multimillion dollar indoor gun range off Seaway Road in Gulfport.

"I thought what they're doing there looked like it was going to be a very upscale shooting range, something that we don't have here. We've got other shooting ranges but this is going to be that next level," said Planning Commission Chairman, Keith Williams.

Comstock hopes to turn half of the dry storage building adjacent to the Dock Bar and Grill into a state of the art indoor shooting range. According to his plans, it will be much more than just a gun range. Calling it Disney World for Shooters, Comstock hopes to host pistol shooting competitions, sell rare ammunition and most of all train Gulfport and Stone County police officers for free.

"We're very happy about it, and we're ready to move forward. Put the past behind us, and do something very positive for Gulfport and for Stone County," said Williams.

While several people spoke in favor of building the indoor gun range, one couple who lives nearby had several questions and concerns. Before bullets start flying, the planning commission's recommendations will be voted on by the Gulfport City Council.

"Once they approve it, then he comes in order to get his building permits and things and can move forward with it, so the next step will be the city council and then applying for building permits and moving forward," said Williams.

If the council approves, Comstock says he could have the range open within 90 to 120 days.

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