Gulfport rapper's song lands in big Hollywood film

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - What started with a recording session at AMS Music Entertainment, a first of its kind studio in South Mississippi, has led to a partnership with a major Hollywood film.

WLOX News spoke with B-Boy last year about his recording adventures at Artist Management Services. His song 'B-Boy Ball' was chosen to be in Arnold Schwarzenegger's newest film, 'Sabotage'.

B-Boy says his hard work proves that you don't have to come from a big city, to have Hollywood dreams.

"We have all the assets of Miami, Atlanta, everything."

After shooting his music video in Atlanta, B-Boy was soon surprised that talk of making his song even bigger, was turning into action.

"As soon as we got back home from Atlanta, they have the paperwork, contracts, everything for this big film. And months after that, we finalized the paperwork. Everything was copy written and it was done deal," he said.

"It's just groundbreaking. It's groundbreaking from a young man from Gulfport, Mississippi on an independent scale. It's monumental; it's never happened before. We're talking about $35 million. We're talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger. We're talking about Terrance Howard, and now we're talking about B-Boy. So that's great company," General Manager of AMS Music Entertainment Ade' Kemp said.

B-Boy's message for those striving to make their own dreams a reality is to "keep pushing."

"Everybody that's doing what you do, just keep working because anything is possible. I'm from Gulfport, Mississippi and made a national film."

The new Schwarzenegger movie 'Sabotage' hits theatres this weekend. As for B-Boy, he says his next music venture is to complete his next mix tape and hopes his music continues to make the sound tracks of future films.

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