Teacher's Group Protests Pay Raise Contingency

The Mississippi American Federation of Teachers celebrated 25 years of standing up for teachers, but they did more than bring cake to the state Capitol.

Members walked around the Capitol with signs expressing their concerns about the teacher pay raise bill.

Legislation introduced last year linked teacher pay raises to a 5 percent revenue growth. Members of the federation say the five percent contingency is discriminatory, because it means only teachers' raises are dependent on economic growth.

"There has never been, nor is there currently existing a bill for funding that ties it to the 5 percent contingency," federation member Maryann Graczyk says. "Prisons can get more money. Legislators can get more money. All different kinds of departments can get more money without a 5 percent contingency."

The group also said the legislature should stop spending large amount of money on things like prisons and instead put that money toward education.