Coliseum Barbs Keep Flying In Final Hours

As a last minute push for votes, coliseum volunteer Barry Guice handed out brochures Monday touting a bigger and better convention center. The coliseum's campaign consultant says they're trying to set the record straight.

"This is too important to let some faceless bunch of people who've donated 200-thousand dollars steal this election. They are lyin,' there is no tax increase for the local people," says consultant Stan Flint.

The group opposed to the referendum, Enough is Enough, says no one knows that for sure. Its signs sit near precincts to remind voters of what the group's chairperson says is at stake.

Sam Albritton says, "We're not opposed to the coliseum expansion. What we're opposed to is the way they're funding it. Use the one percent that's already in place is all we're saying. Use what you already have. Don't ask the taxpayers or even the tourists that come in for an additional two percent. Use what you have and be frugal with your money."

Flint says Enough is Enough is all about scare tactics, and falls short on facts.

"Your taxes are not gonna go up one penny. This Jackson outfit is comin' here and spreadin' this bull around Harrison County to try to scare and confuse you the voters."

Albritton replied, "A bull has one purpose, one purpose in life and I just hope they don't do it to the taxpayers."

On Tuesday the taxpayers will decide who's right. 60-percent of the voters must approve the coliseum referendum. If it fails, by law, the coliseum must wait two years to ask for another referendum.