Beau Rivage housekeepers recognized as best at MGM Resorts

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It begins with a gentle knock and a friendly hello. Then the real work begins. Cleaning and stocking 1,740 rooms to absolute perfection is a big job.

Bessie Pittman is an Assistant Housekeeping Manager at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino.

"All of our rooms are important, but this is a Cypress. In the suites we have the Jacuzzi tubs and the set-up is a little bit different. We have two bathrooms," Pittman explained.

Keeping everything in top notch shape doesn't just happen by accident, according to Scarla Biglane, the Executive Housekeeper.

"When an associate is hired at the Beau Rivage housekeeping department, they go through three weeks of intensive training with a mentor which is one of our leaders, and they graduate when they have perfected the quality that we expect," Biglane said.

When word came down about the award, the housekeepers credited teamwork for the honor. One of them is Marilyn Craven.

"That was great. I couldn't believe it. It was wonderful. All the GRA's here, it was real, real nice. It was something that we all accomplished all together," Craven said.

The housekeeping unit at Beau Rivage is comprised of 320 people. Understandably, they are all extremely proud of this award.

What do the guests think about it?

Ray Kleefisch, from Michigan, is about to check out after a visit to the resort.

"Well, it's just the immaculateness of the room. Not just occasionally, but all the time and the friendliness of the people who do the actual cleaning," Kleefisch said.

Biglane said the housekeepers know the role they play is critical to the success of the resort.

"We are the heart of the house, and fortunately we're recognized by Beau Rivage as being the unsung heroes," said Biglane.

They are quiet heroes yes, but unsung no longer.

The Chairman's Award was handed out to the Beau Rivage housekeeping department earlier this week during a ceremony at the resort. It was attended by all the top management officials at MGM Resorts.

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