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Lesser known congressional candidates debate in Biloxi

Independent Ed Reich. Independent Ed Reich.
Libertarian Joey Robinson. Libertarian Joey Robinson.
Republican Tavish Kelly. Republican Tavish Kelly.

Three of the lesser known candidates campaigning in Mississippi's 4th congressional district race made a stop in Biloxi Wednesday night.

Republican Tavish Kelly, Independent Ed Reich and Libertarian Joey Robinson may all align with different parties, but one thing they agree upon is that it's time for someone else to represent Mississippi's 4th congressional district in Washington.

"I'm in this race, because I believe in the Republican Party still. I just believe that the Republican Party needs conservatives not rhinos," said Kelly.

Kelly is the youngest of the bunch, and he isn't alone in his plans to go knocking on doors to let people know who he is and what he stands for. Ed Reich is right behind him.

"I want to know your opinion on what's going on. I'm not just going to go up there because you elected me to be your voice. I still want to know what you think I should be saying up there. I want your input. I'm not just going to be the dictator representative. I'm going to represent properly," said Reich.

Rounding out the candidates is Joey Robinson, father of two, and the only Libertarian running in district four.

"We have to focus on jobs. Jobs will fix everything in the economy. If people can work, if we have jobs for them, they can pay their bills, they can support their families, themselves, pay their debt, naturally stimulate the economy," said Robinson.

This debate was a first for all three candidates, and moderator Ed "The Reverend" Powell says attending even the smaller debates is important if you want to be an educated voter

"They need to come out and listen to find out which candidate they need to vote for, because the votes really count here in the United States," said Powell.

The primary election will take place June 3, 2014.

Follow this link for a complete list of qualified candidates: http://www.sos.ms.gov/links/elections/2014/2014%20Candidate%20Qualifying%20List.pdf

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