Mom miffed by school's action after student fight

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - The mother of a 12-year-old student at Bay Waveland Middle School is upset that it took school officials hours to call and tell her about her son being injured in a fight.

Vincent Lang said the fight with a classmate Wednesday started with words, and quickly got physical.

"First, he hit me with the book, and then he started punching."

By the time the fight was over, Lang had a swollen face.

"I was upset," Lang's mother, Teresa McKay said. "No one was called, no police were there, nothing. And my son was just sitting in the office with a bag on his face."

McKay said when she arrived to her son's school, she was told that the fight broke out early in the morning around 9am. But she wasn't notified about the incident until around noon.

"I was like, 'Y'all aren't doing anything?' And he said, 'We're taking all necessary precautions, right now.' I was like, 'Well, I'm coming to get my son.' And I went up there and I got my son. There was no police there; the little boy was gone already. Everybody was just laughing around like nothing had happened. It all just happened so fast. I just flew up there."

The fight at Bay Waveland Middle School comes just three weeks after a deadly fight at a Moss Point middle school. Because that fight was fresh on McKay's mind, she expected her school leaders to act with more urgency.

"They had time enough to watch this on camera, and go over all their little stuff before they even notified the parent. That's what I'm upset about. I'm just getting notified after everything that they've done," she said.

WLOX News spoke with Bay Waveland Schools Superintendent Rebecca Ladner. She said the school district was investigating the incident to make sure administrators followed all procedures and took the necessary precautions.

But this mom isn't sure they did.

"I'm just upset. To the max."

We were able to get confirmation from both the school district superintendent and the Bay St. Louis Deputy Chief about the incident at Bay Waveland Middle School.

The other child involved in the fight was briefly taken into custody. Because he's a juvenile, authorities would not discuss his role in the fight.

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