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Point Cadet slowly being transformed into something better


It's a look that is a far cry from the emptiness left behind by Hurricane Katrina in Point Cadet. There is a park with a green space, a huge pavilion, playground, splash pad and restrooms, not to mention a beautiful view of the waters of the back-bay.

Ashley Taylor is casting a line in the water right by the park on this chilly Wednesday morning. She likes what she sees.

"We really enjoy it. When we pulled up I saw the park and I was like, ‘Oh, it's new. It's nice for the kids, it's a good little spot for families'," Taylor explained.

Across the street, the $9 million seafood industry museum is about to open as well. All this means one thing for the area, according to city Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel.

"People are going to get used to coming back down to Point Cadet again which we think is going to bring more business down here. We think it's going to bring a lot more activity down to the Point. Let's face it, when you come across that Biloxi Bay Bridge, this is the very first thing that you see," Creel said.

There's very little doubt that the locals who come down to Point Cadet and enjoy this waterfront park will see it as a source of pride for the city. What about our out of town visitors? What will they think?

Aaron Miller and his two dogs are visiting from New York and spotted the park coming over the bridge.

"I think it's beautiful. Absolutely, and to have space where everybody can come and enjoy it is a great thing to do. It's awesome, so I'm really glad to see things recovering and looking great down here," Miller said.

Meanwhile, Ronald Baker and his wife Velma have lived on the Point almost their entire lives. It will never be the same here, but the park and museum help a little bit.

"Well anything on the Point would be a plus," Baker said. "We all welcome anything down here. I'd like to see a few houses come back, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen, so we kind of welcome every new building."

The Point holds a new look and perhaps the reflection of a brighter future.

The official opening of the waterfront park will be in early May. Meanwhile, the Seafood Industry Museum will be up and running by the end of May, just in time for the Blessing of the Fleet and the beginning of the shrimping season.

Both projects were paid for with Hurricane Katrina recovery money from FEMA.

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